Canned tuna from Sicily

Conserve di Tonno della Sicilia

One of the most loved and requested products by young and old, good and tasty and which must never be missing in a home because it is able to solve a dinner or lunch at the last minute. We are talking about the canned tuna from Sicily, but not about a banal canned tuna.

This ours has a completely different flavor and a whole other preparation behind it, which starts from the daily catch in our Sicilian seas and immediately processed according to traditional craftsmanship and without the addition of any kind of additives.

How to prepare the tuna preserve

To make our Sicilian tuna preserves, as well as any other product of our company, we proceed in a completely artisanal way. We take care of every stage of preparation, from the moment of the catch to the final packaging. Every detail is important to get to offer you a quality product:

  • When the boats return, the best tuna is selected as soon as it is caught, in order to work only the best of the sea, the freshest and tastiest fish.
  • To prepare the tuna in Taudi oil, we then proceed by cooking it in water and salt in order to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the fish; in doing this we follow the original traditional recipe so that all aromas and flavors remain unaltered.
  • The jars are filled with extra virgin olive oil in order to ensure their long conservation.
Pesce di Qualità e lavorazione artigianale

Quality fish and craftsmanship

Such are the ingredients of our Sicilian tuna preserves. You do not need anything else to obtain a preparation that you have unlikely ever tasted. Everything is natural, fresh, controlled and worked with wisdom and passion. This is what makes the difference with industrial-style products, we are able to take care of every stage of processing, we are present on every fishing boat that collects the nets and returns to port, in every gesture of our chefs who prepare the preserves.

This is why our products are so good and do so well, because they are completely made according to nature in a responsible and correct way. Tasting one of our tuna preserves is like bringing a piece of the flavors of Sicily to your table.

Le pietanze da preparare con il tonno sott'olio Taudì Conserve

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