Discover the true taste of Sicilian tomato puree

Scopri il vero gusto della Passata di Pomodoro di Sicilia

Tomato puree is a fundamental ingredient in Italian cuisine, above all for its versatility and intense flavour. But not all purees are the same: those made with quality tomatoes and simple, natural ingredients are the most valuable and represent the true taste of Mediterranean cuisine. This is why the Sicilian tomato puree, made with tomatoes of Sicilian origin and only with salt, is a truly unique and precious product.

Sicilian tomatoes, quality ingredients

Sicily is known for the production of tomatoes with an intense taste and a soft texture, thanks to the presence of strong sunlight and a warm and breezy climate. Sicilian tomatoes are used in many recipes of Mediterranean cuisine and are recognized as the best in Italy. Sicilian tomato puree, made only with these tomatoes, enhances their flavor and keeps their nutritional properties intact.

Simplicity as the secret of taste

Sicilian tomato puree is made according to an ancient tradition which involves the use of only two ingredients: Sicilian tomatoes and salt. This simplicity is the secret of its unique and intense taste, which makes it a versatile product suitable for many recipes. Sicilian tomato puree is perfect for preparing sauces, pizzas, soups, risottos and much more, and its intense flavor makes it suitable for even the most demanding palates.

La semplicità come segreto del gusto

Without preservatives and thickeners

Our Sicilian tomato puree is made without the use of preservatives and thickeners, to guarantee a healthy and genuine product. This makes it suitable for everyone, including consumers who are more attentive to the quality of the food they eat. The choice of natural and high quality ingredients guarantees a Sicilian tomato puree with an authentic and natural taste.

Sicilian tomato puree is a unique and precious product, made with tomatoes of Sicilian origin and with only two simple and natural ingredients.

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