Discover the unique taste of Sicilian prawn sauce: the secret of Mediterranean cuisine

Scopri il gusto unico della colatura di gambero di Sicilia

What is Sicilian prawn sauce?

The Sicilian prawn sauce is a typical product of Mediterranean cuisine, in particular of the Sicilian region. This shrimp-based sauce is produced through a time-consuming natural fermentation technique that uses only quality ingredients from the Sicilian region, without any addition of preservatives and thickeners.

The Sicilian prawn sauce is a very valuable product with a high nutritional value, rich in proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. Furthermore, being a natural product without preservatives and artificial colourings, it is also suitable for those who follow a balanced and healthy diet.

How the Sicilian prawn sauce is produced

The production process of the Sicilian prawn sauce begins with the selection of fresh and quality prawns from Sicilian waters. They are cleaned and macerated in sea salt for several months, until the natural ink of the shrimp separates from the meat and is extracted. The resulting pouring is then filtered and bottled, ready to be used in the kitchen.

The Sicilian prawn sauce stands out for its intense and decisive flavour, with notes of the sea and crustacean, very tasty and complex. The taste is very similar to that of anchovy, but with a greater intensity. This condiment is used in small doses to flavor pasta, rice, fish dishes, meat and vegetables, in order to enhance the flavor without covering it.

Come utilizzare la colatura di gambero di Sicilia in cucina

How to use Sicilian prawn sauce in the kitchen

The Sicilian shrimp sauce is a versatile product, which adapts to many preparations, from pasta to meat, from vegetables to fish. It can be used to enrich gravies and sauces, to season fish and meat dishes, to flavor vegetables and to give an extra touch of flavor to pasta and rice. It is also ideal for seasoning croutons, bruschetta and for preparing cold dishes.

Furthermore, the Sicilian prawn sauce is an ideal product for those who love to cook and for those who want to discover new flavors and new preparations.

We are sure that with the Sicilian prawn sauce, your dishes will have a more intense and rich taste, for a unique culinary experience. Take advantage of our offers and the possibility of buying online on our e-commerce site, to have Sicilian prawn sauce always at hand.

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