Fish preserves in the Sicilian gastronomic tradition

Le conserve di pesce nella tradizione gastronomica Siciliana

Sicilian gastronomic traditions

The Sicilian gastronomic traditions are rightly focused above all on the fish products that are caught every day in the very rich waters of the island and which offer a very wide range of choices.

The local catch, including among other things swordfish, tuna and anchovies, offers the opportunity to create delicious recipes with fresh products or with preserves capable of maintaining freshness and flavor unaltered over time even after a long time.

Using specimens selected and processed a few hours after fishing, the Taudì company guarantees the preparation of healthy, genuine and tasty products, which allow you to savor the unmistakable tastes of this island.

Sicilian preserves undoubtedly occupy a place of honor on the table of gourmets, lovers of first courses with cuttlefish ink, dishes based on swordfish or marinated anchovies.

Among the main producers of Sicilian preserves, Taudì makes its famous products available to customers, such as the Ta Sciali swordfish roe sauce, perfect for seasoning soups, croutons and bruschetta.

Thanks to an experience gained in over 40 years of activity, the company can boast the creation of Sicilian preserves with typical products among the best available on the market, as they are prepared only with very fresh and highly selected fish.

In this way the consumer has the certainty of having products that are not only tasty and flavoursome, but also genuine and easily digestible, therefore suitable for anyone.

Signature preserves: a proposal from Taudì

The pursuit of gastronomic excellence has always been the main priority of the Taudì company, capable of associating a proven tradition with the most innovative production techniques, to create online Sicilian preserves among the best on the market.

Precisely for this reason we can rightly speak of “signature preserves”, deriving from the constant commitment of qualified chefs and from the use of fish caught every day and immediately processed.

From appetizers to first courses, main courses and side dishes, the typical Sicilian fish-based preserves guarantee original preparations with particular attention to the smallest details, to always offer the best.

Thanks to the processing methods that respect the organoleptic requirements of the fish (strictly local at kilometer “0”) Taudì is able to make the most of the aroma, taste and flavor of each jar.

As their name indicates, fish preserves are foods made to be “preserved” for a long time, but without losing their typical culinary characteristics; that’s why they can be kept in perfect condition and always ready to be appreciated even by the most demanding palates.

We therefore speak of “signature preserves” precisely in reference to the exclusively manual processing which provides for a careful selection in each production phase, from the daily fishing to the closing of the jars.

Free of any type of dye or preservative, Taudì fish preserves contain only 100% natural ingredients, such as sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, spices and very fine vinegar.

Caratteristiche delle conserve di pesce siciliane

Characteristics of Sicilian fish preserves

In addition to the fish carefully selected and subjected to rapid manufacturing processes, Taudì Sicilian fish preserves can count on the exclusive use of glass jars, a material capable of preserving the characteristics of the foods to the maximum.

The traditional working techniques, which have their roots in the past, are rigorously applied to each individual jar to prevent the entry and exit of air, keeping the contents intact even for years.

In addition to those of fish, the Taudì company is also specialized in the production of delicious Sicilian tomato preserves, which can be combined with any dish or as a condiment for excellent first courses.

As everyone knows by now, fish is one of the healthiest foods for the body due to the high concentration of unsaturated fats (omega 3) capable of lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Therefore it would be a good idea to eat fish often, both fresh (preferably freshly caught), and in the form of preserves (such as anchovies and tuna in oil, prawn and anchovy drippings or swordfish roe).

Chef Calogero Pintaudi, who has been applying his culinary art for years in the creation of Taudì fish preserves, always offers consumers new gastronomic combinations based on very fresh fish.

To purchase the delicious Sicilian fish preserves, simply visit the Taudì company website, where you can see the wide range of products available and the special discounts periodically offered to customers.

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