Hand made Sicilian preserves

Colatrua di Gambero di Sicilia Taudì

Characteristics and uses of Sicilian preserves

As the name indicates, preserves are foods made to be preserved for a long time while maintaining their organoleptic requirements unaltered, thanks to heat treatments capable of destroying any infecting microorganism.

Consequently, these foods remain intact and in perfect conditions for aroma and flavor, always ready to be appreciated even by the most demanding palates.

Whether it is vegetables, fish or fruit jams, Sicilian preserves are distinguished by the exceptional quality of the raw materials of which the island is particularly rich.

Packaged in glass jars that are perfectly sterilized at high temperatures, after opening they must be kept cool and consumed within 4-5 days.

The raw materials produced in Sicily, which are first choice fruits and vegetables, are grown in the open field and harvested at the right point of ripeness, to enhance their intense organoleptic properties.

The fish, for which Sicily is famous all over the world, is caught every day and immediately processed.

In the panorama of the island’s production, the Taudi company has won the recognition of large groups of gourmets who have always appreciated the artisan gastronomic traditions.

In fact, an exclusively manual process requires careful selection in all stages of production, from the collection of the products to the final packaging of the preserves.

Such foods contain no preservatives or dyes, but only natural ingredients, such as sugar, salt, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and spices.

Particularly short supply chains and the use of the classic glass jar are the main strengths of this company which, for years, has established itself on the market thanks to its excellent quality standards.

The use of glass, a perfect material from all points of view, is an ancient technique which, precisely in the South, has found its greatest application.

Once closed, such a jar does not allow air in or out, ensuring that the food stays delicious for years.

locandina Raviolo Al nero di seppia fatto con conserve siciliane

What are the Taudi artisan preserves

Taudi artisanal preserves are real sins of gluttony which are really difficult to resist as aroma and flavor are exalted exponentially.

Vegetable preserves

Among the vegetable preserves, that with chanterelle mushrooms in oil is produced with mushrooms collected directly on the Sicilian mountains in the period of maximum growth, carefully respecting their seasonality.

Perfect for appetizers, first courses and as a refined side dish, this preserve can be enjoyed all year round using a preservative process that enhances its aroma and flavor.

The only ingredients, besides the vegetable raw material, are sunflower oil, vinegar, salt, oregano and onion.

Sugo al nero di seppia con arancino

Canned fish

As is well known, fish is one of the healthiest foods for the body, thanks to the balanced concentrations of proteins and unsaturated omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Necessary for the well-being of body and mind, fish, which must always be very fresh and rich in all its active ingredients, is not always available on the table.

To overcome this limitation, it is possible to choose Taudi fish preserves, produced with a highly selected fish and processed by hand immediately after fishing.

Among the best Taudi artisan fish preserves there are:
• anchovies in oil;
• anchovy and shrimp sauce;
• anchovies for bruschetta;
• tuna in oil;
• sauces for first courses.

These are products made with methods that respect the island tradition, able to optimize the unmistakable taste of the fish of these seas.

Ideal for sandwiches, for dressings and to accompany second courses of various kinds, Taudi fish preserves are also perfect for mixed salads or to fill delicious pizzas and savory focaccias.

Fish sauces are the best option to enrich first courses, which acquire an inimitable flavor thanks to the intensity of the flavor of the ready-to-use Taudi condiments.

Fish ragout, cuttlefish ink sauce, swordfish roe, trevally seasoning are some of the proposals that allow you to savor the scent of the Sicilian sea.

Considered a gastronomic refinement, Taudi bluefin tuna in oil is prepared with selected fish fillets drowned in extra virgin olive oil and without any preservatives.

Even the Taudi tuna in oil, which uses only fish caught in the periods permitted by law, is made with first choice fish and Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.

The swordfish egg sauce contains in a perfect combination of flavors all the freshness of freshly caught fish products, to be used for various types of preparations.

The cuttlefish ink sauce is an artisanal preparation that is made entirely by hand, from the first to the last stage of packaging.

Chef Calogero Pintaudi has elaborated refined recipes with this dressing, which goes perfectly with black ravioli with goat’s milk ricotta, tomato cream, amberjack tartare and Sicilian arancini.

Anchovy colatura is an anchovy-based sauce designed to match any first course, alternating with the equally tasty shrimp colatura.

The carango fish sauce, a coastal pelagic specimen similar to the amberjack, is characterized by a slightly spicy flavor reminiscent of some legumes and which goes very well with egg pasta.

The anchovy sauce, which has a strong but well-balanced taste, uses exclusively hand-selected Sicilian Mediterranean fish and combined with wild fennel, tomato pulp, sultanas, chilli and saffron.

Colatura di Alici

Where to buy the Sicilian preserves Taudi

All the preserves of this company contain within them a perfect knowledge of raw materials, the passion and professionalism of over 40 years of experience.

Having one of the Taudi preserves in the pantry allows you to prepare delicious recipes in a few minutes that stand out for the authenticity of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition.

The gastronomic products of the Taudi company can be purchased at the headquarters of Capri Leone (Messina) in via Provinciale 113, or even online, by accessing the portal where it is possible to view all the artisan preparations available and their characteristics.

The goods are delivered to your home within 3-5 days of ordering.

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