Organic Sicily, choose the best products

Biologico Sicilia, scegli i prodotti migliori

The Sicilian organic product is fresh, they are foods obtained with natural farming techniques, therefore without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other synthetic products. Once harvested, as regards the products of the earth, they do not contain dyes, preservatives and other chemical additives nor are they added to them during the subsequent processing phases.

That’s why when it comes to organic Sicily our preserves are in first place, because we make the selection of our products one of our strengths. A short and certified, organic and 100% traceable supply chain combined with a processing technique that is based on traditional artisanal methods.

Why the choice of organic Sicily

Does it mean investing the entire production on organic Sicily? Why organic products:

  • they have a greater quantity of nutrients
  • they are healthier and more genuine
  • they do not contain refined sugars and hydrogenated fats, nor chemical residues
  • they use more valuable ancient varieties even if in the face of a lower yield, thus favoring the biodiversity of the planet

The choice of products for our preserves is completely natural. We do not harvest off-season products through forced ripening or using chemical agents for their preservation. By doing so, we safeguard not only the quality of our products but also the soil, water and air.

Our supply chain is short and regularly checked, this also allows us to select the best products at the right point of ripeness or, in the case of fish, to take the best specimens as soon as they are caught.

Conserve lavorate a mano non appena colti o pescati

Processed as soon as they are picked or fished

This is what happens to our organic Sicily: we process it immediately, cooking it and then storing it in the most natural way in the world, in oil. In such a way as to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics and so that the freshness of the products can last even for years, always remaining unchanged as if it were fresh.

This is our corporate commitment to allow you to consume Sicilian foods that are always fresh and natural; as if a fisherman had just been pulled from the nets or plucked from the loving womb of our mother land. This is the commitment with which we have been producing our canned food for years, for the pleasure of your table.

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