Swordfish Egg Sauce “Ta Sciali”

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Taudì Conserve swordfish roe sauce is a natural product which, as per tradition, is free of preservatives, thickeners or added chemical additives. Experience, knowledge of the area and its products together with the use of high quality raw materials enclosed in a perfect combination of flavors. Prodotti made in italy taudi Made in Sicily

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Preserve fish sauce with swordfish roe “Ta Scìali”

The Taudì Conserve swordfish egg sauce is a natural product obtained from artisanal processing which, together with the other tasty preparations by chef Calogero Pintaudi, contains all the authentic flavors of Sicilian cuisine. The entire production chain, in fact, focuses mainly on the use of a few high quality raw materials to guarantee an excellent result. Pure swordfish caviar and a few other ingredients are the basis of this excellent product. In the list of ingredients you will not find artificial additives, dyes and preservatives, but only a few typical raw materials of the area. The “Ta Sciali” sauce contains within it all the professionalism and knowledge of the materials and the territory of those who for more than 40 years, thanks to direct experience in the kitchen, guarantee their product. From fishing, to the selection of the best caviar up to the processing and subsequent packaging phases, the entire production process is controlled and monitored to guarantee the consumer a product that perfectly reflects the Sicilian tradition and guarantees optimal quality. In particular, the “Ta Sciali” swordfish egg sauce, in addition to the delicious caviar, is enriched with other flavors typical of the Sicilian land; ingredients of traditional Sicilian cuisine such as peppers, anchovies and dried tomatoes are added during the preparation phases, as required by the chef’s original recipe, and perfectly marry the flavor of the main ingredient, guaranteeing the consumer a real gastronomic journey from home cooking own. Swordfish caviar sauce is great to simply savor on toast or as a topping for a pasta dish. A particular aperitif, a tasty and tasty first course, but also a second course enriched with this delicious condiment will allow you to bring authentic flavors to the table: it will be like a journey through the aromas and flavors of a land rich in culinary and gastronomic tradition. A delicacy to have in the pantry of the house to be granted, from time to time, for a pampering for the eyes and the palate. In addition, Taudì Conserve offers a whole line of other typical Sicilian delicacies which, together with “Ta Sciali”, allow the consumer to access a wide choice of products to savor the offers of the territory: tuna in oil, shrimp sauce or anchovies, cuttlefish ink sauce. The list is full of products that can be enjoyed on their own or can become the star ingredient of delicious recipes. You just have to try all the products of Taudì Conserve and you will enter a world of delicious flavors from which it will be difficult to escape. Directly from the kitchen of your home we are sure that with our products you will feel in Sicily: the sea, the scents, sensations and flavors of our land are just to be discovered.


SWORDFISH EGGS (helops caprea), peppers, sunflower oil, tomato extract (tomato, salt, sunflower oil), dried tomato, ANCHOVIES (55% anchovies, sunflower oil, salt), garlic, salt, chilli


Energy value 249 Kcal

1034 Kj
Total fat

of which saturated fats
17,6 g

8,8 g

of which sugars
9,0 g

2,0 g
Dietary fiber 7,0 g
Proteins 10,2 g
Salt 1,1 g
Weight N/A

180g, 280g


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