Production of Sicilian preserves

produzione conserve Sicilia

Preserved food refers to any type of food that has been treated in such a way that it can be stored for a long time. Allowing to maintain its nutritional power and its pleasant taste, without decaying. For our Sicilian preserves production, glass containers are used, hermetically sealed so as not to let air in.

In this way, the products are kept very fresh for years even if, once a preserve is opened and therefore comes into contact with the air, it must be consumed in a few days. The method we use to block the development of microorganisms is to put all our preparations in oil.

Our canned food

Whether it is fish, fruit or vegetables, our Sicilian canned production is distinguished by the exceptional quality of the raw materials of which the island is particularly rich. From land to sea every type of food here grows luxuriant and tasty and we choose only the best of the fields or the freshest catch. Privileging quality through a very short supply chain that allows us to bring only the best of our island to your tables. Our preserves are:

  • Sauces and dressings based on fish or vegetables, for your first courses or your appetizers
  • Fish steaks and whole vegetables in oil for tasty main courses
La scelta della qualità per la produzione conserve Sicilia

The choice of quality for Sicilian preserves production

At the base of our Sicilian canned production there is only quality as a company philosophy. We pay attention and care in the selection of ingredients which are all at Km 0 and with a certified supply chain. We work our products by hand, as it was once done, in order not to alter the nutritional properties and flavors but our glass preservation methods are safe and ultramodern. Guaranteeing the perfect preservation of food for years and years.

Our preserves do not contain dyes or preservatives but only natural ingredients, such as sugar, salt, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and spices. Freshly picked vegetables and freshly caught fish. Here are the flavors and aromas that you will serve on the table every time you open the glass jar of one of our preserves, bringing only the good of Sicily to the table.

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