Sicilian in oil, good and healthy

Sottolio Sicilia, buoni e sani

Oil is a seasoning that is always very present in Mediterranean cuisine and has the dual function of seasoning food and allowing it to be stored for a long time. Conservation in oil, like that in extra virgin olive oil that we use for our Sicily in oil, is a conservation process that consists in the total immersion of food in oil, isolating them from the air.

It is in fact the contact with oxygen that allows bacteria to develop on the products, subsequently modifying the organoleptic composition of the foods and causing them to rot. Unlike other preservation in salt or sugar, preservation in oil does not act directly on the water present inside the product. Thanks to this, food does not change its organoleptic structure, and preservation in oil is ideal for preserving the taste of food for a long time.

Our preserves in oil

Our company has always earned the well-deserved recognition of a large clientele thanks to our commitment to the preservation of Sicilian gastronomic traditions. Working with commitment and passion with our Sicily in oil we bring to your tables:

  • The best of the earth preserves, products coming from fields worked in a natural way and harvested at the exact point of ripeness
  • The best of the catch from our sea, processed the same day that the nets pull it up

We do not use preservatives or artificial colors, but only natural products such as extra virgin olive oil, salt, sugar, vinegar or spices. We check the sustainability of the environmental impact of each food we select, making sure that the reference supply chain is very short and transparent.

La bontà dei nostri sottolio

The goodness of our in oil

The choice of our Sicilian pickles is a choice based exclusively on the quality of the products we select and on the great attention we place in the conservation procedures, which are still all rigorously handmade to give you only the best part of the fruit or fish.

The result is products that can be kept for years and which when opened are very fresh, tasty and fragrant as if they were just picked, or just pulled up from the sea. Foods that keep all their nutritional properties unaltered and above all that keep intact all the taste and flavor they deserve to have.

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