Sicilian tuna, from the sea to the table

Sicilian tuna is a real excellence of the territory. The millennial experience of Sicilian bluefin tuna fishing has been handed down over the centuries from fisherman to fisherman. Sicilian tuna fishing is part of the history of the Mediterranean and has been and still is of fundamental importance in the island’s economy. Even today this highly prized product is appreciated and requested all over the world, as well as on tables throughout Italy.

Even in the version preserved in oil, which is what we do. The meat of this fish is considered a very valuable delicacy and comes from fish over 100 kg. Exported all over the world, Sicilian tuna is highly appreciated even in the homeland of fish par excellence, such as in Japan.

Many species of tuna

There are many species of Sicilian tuna that swim in our beautiful uncontaminated sea. Among these we mention briefly:

  • The bluefin tuna. Named after the intense color of its flesh, it is the most prized and the one at greatest risk of extinction. Its specimens can exceed 3 meters in length and 600 kg in weight.
  • Skipjack tuna. Perhaps the most fished type of tuna in the world, with pink colored and very tender flesh. Its specimens rarely exceed 4 kg in weight.
  • White tuna. Also known as “long-wing tuna” due to its saber-shaped pectoral fins. Generally its specimens do not exceed one meter in length for the 40 kg of weight.

The tuna in our preserves is a very precious bluefin tuna.

The qualities of bluefin tuna

Among the many species of Sicilian tuna, the red one is certainly the most prized and sought after for its organoleptic qualities. Because of these, bluefin tuna is the variety included in the Mediterranean diet and thanks to its high concentration of omega-3, vitamins and minerals it helps prevent many cardiovascular diseases and improve brain function as well as regulate body weight.

Furthermore, bluefin tuna has a high concentration of B vitamins and its meat contains only 144 calories per pound, making it perfect for any type of diet.

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