Sicilian vegetable preserves

Conserve vegetali siciliane

In the sign of respect for the environment and for the people who live in this land, the philosophy of our line of preserves arises. Sea or land products that have quality as their only denominator. To offer you our Sicilian vegetable preserves we select only natural ingredients of first choice, personally checking the production chain and the traceability of raw materials.

Our interest is in cooperation with local producers, maintaining a strong bond with the territory to safeguard local products and ancient flavors. And offer you the best of our wonderful land, thanks to our short, very short supply chain.

What we offer you and what are our Sicilian vegetable preserves

Our choice focused on quality allows us to offer you preserves with the best products of our land, collected and processed on the spot to keep intact all the nutritional properties, flavors and smells of your favorite side dishes:

  • Whole pieces: asparagus, artichokes and mushrooms preserved with extra virgin olive oil. As good as freshly picked
  • Patè: for your favorite bruschetta but also as a condiment for pasta. With wild fennel and wild garlic

Our Sicilian vegetable preserves are completely natural, without adding any preservatives or dyes. Collected and worked by hand, as it was once done but with the safety of the most sophisticated modern techniques. We put everything under glass, sterilized at high temperatures, to allow perfect preservation that lasts for years, leaving unaltered flavors and organoleptic qualities.

Le nostre conserve artigianali vegetali di taudi conserve

The guidelines of our philosophy

The exclusively manual processing of our Sicilian vegetable preserves requires careful attention in all the production phases, from the collection of the products to the final packaging of the preserves for which we use only natural ingredients, such as sugar, salt, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and spices. Our greens and vegetables are harvested at the right point of ripeness, in order to offer you the best product.

The preservation of products in oil guarantees long life while maintaining the characteristics of fresh products unaltered. In this way we appreciate the quality with which we select our raw materials, choosing only the best from our fields to bring it to your tables. A quality product with an excellent taste, always ready at any time of the year and in any season.

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