The irreplaceable value of Sicilian fish preserves

L'insostituibile valore delle conserve di pesce Siciliane

Nutritional characteristics of fish

Italy is a country famous throughout the world for its gastronomic excellence, foods including fish and fish products in general occupy a prominent place thanks above all to the conformation of our territory, surrounded for the most part by the sea. This is why it is the country with the largest production of Sicilian fish preserves. From a nutritional point of view, fish is a precious food for various reasons: easy digestibility, the remarkable content of proteins and minerals and the high biological value of the fats (mainly unsaturated) it contains.

Phosphorus, iodine, omega 3, polyunsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids are just some of the nutrients that contribute to making fish a real healthy support for the well-being of the body.
Particularly indicated in the prevention of cardio-vascular pathologies (due to its cholesterol-lowering properties), this food in fact contains EPA acid which, being a precursor of prostaglandins, performs an effective vasodilator and anti-thrombotic activity.

That’s why such a food should be present on any table in the form of first courses and dishes suitable for individuals of all ages.
Furthermore, regular consumption of fish improves metabolism, makes you lose weight, increases memory and keeps the concentration of triglycerides low.
We must not forget that it also contains considerable quantities of vitamins (especially A, B and D), whose beneficial role in the heart, lungs, bones, eyes and muscles has now been confirmed by nutritionists.

Why choose canned fish?

There are various types of fish: the blue one (tuna, sardine, mackerel, salmon), which lives mainly off our coasts (especially in Sicily); the lean one (sole, cod, sea bream, sea bass, grouper and dogfish) which is ubiquitous and the semi-fat one (swordfish, red snapper and trout).
These fish products are characterized by a well-defined seasonal nature, linked to their biological cycle, so they cannot be fished throughout the year.

In periods in which they are not available, it is still possible to consume them in the form of preserves: these are extremely appetizing foods as they are prepared with traditional methods of organic conservation.
Ta Sciali Sicilian preserves from the Taudì company, considered a true excellence of our country, are handcrafted products capable of combining traditional methods of processing raw materials with latest generation technologies.

The catch that is used daily by the company is subjected to a careful selection aimed at choosing only the best specimens which are immediately subjected to specific conservation procedures.
Among the producers of Sicilian preserves, Taudì has always focused its mission on the use of 100% natural substances, such as sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and spices, to best enhance the aromas and flavor of the fish.

Thanks to the experience gained in over 40 years of activity, the Taudì company is considered an important point of reference in the sector of Sicilian preserves of typical products.

Dove acquistare le conserve Siciliane on-line

Where to buy Sicilian preserves online?

Taudì, which avails itself of the advice of its chef with many years of experience, offers its customers its famous Conserve d’Autore, a selected mix of products that meet excellent quality standards, which keep their organoleptic characteristics unaltered.

Among the products most appreciated by consumers are:
• bluefin tuna in olive oil;
• anchovy sauce;
• cuttlefish ink sauce;
• swordfish roe sauce;
• prawn sauce;
• anchovy sauce.

Ideal for a snack, perhaps spread on bruschetta and croutons, but also perfect as a condiment for first courses or as a dish, Ta Sciali preserves are distinguished by an intense aroma that is released as soon as the glass jar is opened.

In addition to these delicious proposals, Taudì also markets typical Sicilian vegetable-based preserves, such as:
• asparagus in oil;
• country-style artichokes in oil;
• tomato purée;
• wild garlic pesto;
• wild fennel paté.

Sicilian tomato preserve is an extremely versatile food which, thanks to its inimitable flavour, goes perfectly with both soups and fish dishes.
The company also makes available to users some delicious tasting box offers, designed to allow consumers to taste foods and wines that go perfectly together.

To place an order for typical products of the Sicilian culinary tradition (as well as the exquisite caponata preserve) simply visit the Taudì website, where all the available preparations and offers are listed in detail.

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