Characteristics and uses of Sicilian preserves

Caratteristiche e impieghi delle conserve Siciliane

Sicilian preserves: a gastronomic excellence

Sicily is an island characterized by the wide range of vegetable and fish products, which can be eaten fresh, but also after many months in the form of preserves.
In fact, preserves are foods which, thanks to a specific process, can maintain their organoleptic characteristics unaltered for a long time, to then be enjoyed at the right time.
The raw materials most used in the preparation of Sicilian preserves with typical products are: fish (tuna, swordfish, anchovies and mackerel) and vegetables, especially tomatoes (Pachino cherry tomatoes), aubergines, artichokes, asparagus and peppers.
The best way to preserve the quality of food for a long time is to subject it to processing as soon as it is caught or harvested, in order to preserve aromas and flavors intact. By introducing the material into carefully sterilized glass jars and adding excellent extra virgin olive oil, it is therefore possible to obtain excellent Sicilian preserves. The isolation (by sealing) of food from the surrounding environment prevents any contamination with aerobic microorganisms responsible for food deterioration.
The greatest advantage of typical Sicilian preserves is that of being able to taste the products throughout the year, even if they are not available fresh, as they are outside their reference season. Conserve Taudì, products that have now become a point of reference for lovers of Sicilian gastronomic art, take advantage of a short supply chain, as they are made with selected and extremely fresh raw materials, processed extremely quickly.
The decision to produce high quality Sicilian preserves allows the Taudì company to bring food that combines a tested artisan tradition with the most innovative processing techniques to the tables of gourmets.

Variety of Sicilian preserves

Among the producers of Sicilian preserves, Taudì has gained increasing appreciation from consumers thanks to the freshness of the fish and vegetables used and the fast and safe processing methods. “Innovation in the wake of tradition”
This is the main strength of the company which for many years has chosen to use only natural elements (such as salt, extra virgin olive oil and spices) without resorting to any type of preservative. Food traceability and the management of shortened production chains are other fundamental requirements for offering customers the best guarantees not only of taste, but also of safety.
Among the vegetable ones, the delicious Sicilian preserves of Taudì include: asparagus in oil, peasant artichokes in oil, chanterelle mushrooms in oil, wild garlic pesto and wild fennel paté.
The fish preserves, which are a real flagship of the company, include: anchovy and prawn sauce, squid ink sauce, swordfish roe sauce, anchovy sauce and bluefin tuna in oil. The Sicilian caponata in a jar is a gastronomic excellence, the origin of which can be traced back to the word “capone” (dolphin dolphin), a highly prized white-meat fish, which was consumed only by the rich. This is why the caponata preserve was then made with aubergines or also with other vegetables, such as peppers, green olives, tomatoes and celery.
Currently the Sicilian caponata preserves are based on a varied mix of vegetables (especially aubergines) seasoned with tomato sauce, onion, celery, olives, capers, vinegar and a trace of sugar. Even the Sicilian tomato preserve is a gastronomic excellence particularly loved by gourmets, for the balanced combinations of very fresh and tasty ingredients, such as Pachino tomatoes, basil and a few onion leaves.
Perfect condiments for first courses and soups, but also ideal for enriching croutons and bruschetta, Sicilian vegetable preserves are delicious and digestible products.

Varietà delle conserve siciliane

Where to buy our preserves?

To be palatable, tasty, easily assimilated and above all healthy, Sicilian preserves must undergo controlled manufacturing processes, which use only extra virgin olive oil, salt and spices. In fact, oil, which is a typical condiment of Mediterranean cuisine, has the dual function of enriching flavors and preserving foods for a long time, excluding the addition of chemical products.

The online Sicilian preserves that Taudì offers to its customers are made only with 100% natural ingredients and, precisely for this reason, maintain the aroma and flavor of the typical island products unaltered.
To contact the company, simply access the portal and fill in the form.

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